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Welcome to tdns


tdns is a simple authoritative nameserver that is fully faithful to the DNS storage model as outlined in RFC 1034.

An introduction can be found on

Object relations

DNSMessageReader is used to read DNS messages. A UDP DNS Packet is also a DNS message. DNSMessageWriter is used to create DNS messages.

A DNS name is stored in a DNSName object and internally consists of DNSLabel's.

DNS messages also mostly have a query name, which is a DNSName and a query type which is a DNSType. They also have a DNSClass but we don't do much with that.

To insert resource records into DNSMessageWriter, use DNSMessageWriter::putRR, to read them from DNSMessageReader, use DNSMessageReader::getRR.

Resource records are stored as RRGen instances. The RRGen object is able to serialize itself to/from a DNSMessageWriter or DNSMessageReader. In addition, this object has a RRGen::toString method for 'human consumption' output.

Next steps in understanding tdns

The basics of tdns can best be understood by first reading

Details of how DNSMessageReader/DNSMessageWriter and the RRGen objects interact are in record-types.hh

DNS Tree

Key to understanding tdns (or in fact, dns) is understanding the DNS Tree, which is hosted by the DNSNode class, for which see dns-storage.hh