Shutdown of this service

Update 23 September 2021: this service is now shut down.

PowerDNS was one of the first DNS solutions that included DoH in the form of DNSdist. As a trial, we started operating the experimental service in 2018, and we are thankful for all our trial users. Since then, DoH has been gaining worldwide traction. Multiple parties are offering DoH trials and services, and the need for privacy-friendly DoH services is only getting bigger.

For PowerDNS, in order to facilitate a future proof, privacy friendly DoH service in a scalable and sustainable way, we are in the process of modernising our current DoH service.

In the meantime, in order to focus on implementing this new service, we have decided that we can no longer operate our current experimental setup. However, we will come back with our modernised service later this year.

The current service will be shut down on September 15th 2021. Watch this page for the latest news. We will come back online with a future proof and better supported alternative.

Update 23 September 2021: this service is now shut down.

The PowerDNS DoH Service Privacy Policy

The goal of the PowerDNS DoH service ('') is to provide best effort DNS over HTTPs service without violating your privacy, not now, not ever.

The service:

Except during incidents, or when forced by applicable law, the PowerDNS DoH service:

Only if the DoH service is malfunctioning or under attack will we investigate any traffic that might be harming our service. This is the only moment when privacy sensitive data will be analysed or processed by us (or anyone else). Once an incident has been resolved the data will be destroyed.

We do make graphs of the total number of queries, which TLS algorithms and HTTP versions are being used, millisecond response times and similar metrics, but all these counters are global and only measure aggregate traffic.

In addition to not violating your privacy today, we commit to not doing so at a later stage either. We will not in the future be monetizing or sharing your traffic. Should PowerDNS through change of ownership or management come to a different policy, we commit to first shut down this DNS over HTTPs service.

The PowerDNS DoH Service is offered on a best-effort basis and operated by Open-Xchange and its subsidiary PowerDNS.COM BV.

The GDPR grants you certain rights, such as the right to get a copy of the data we have on you, the right to erasure etc. As we don't keep your data, those requests won't produce any data. If you have any questions about this, please do contact us through If you feel we fail to protect your rights, we'd like that hear that directly, but the GDPR also gives you the option to lodge a complaint with a GDPR Data Protection Authority.